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CityCom-Based Solutions

Our software products are based on the best industry practices in utility engineering. Our solutions include both tools and methods for their implementation proven by dozens of successful projects and 25 years of experience in the field.

State-of-the-art technology, deep industry knowledge, implementation and user support procedures guarantee the viability of our solutions.


GIS and certification of heating networks, calculations, optimization, heat loss analysis, event logs, dispatching tasks, accident containment, repair management, analysis and reporting



GIS and certification of water networks, calculations, optimization, event logs, dispatching tasks, accident containment, repair management, customer management, analysis and reporting



GIS and certification of sewerage networks, pressurized and non-pressurized hydraulic systems, sewer zones, repair management, event logs, dispatching tasks, analysis and reporting



GIS and certification of gas transmission and distribution networks, hydraulic systems, optimization, emergency response, accident containment, damage log, analysis and reporting



GIS and certification of power networks and equipment, network calculations and loss analysis, dispatching tasks, damage logging, customer management, integration into telemetry systems


Comprehensive solution

Layer-by-layer GIS visualization of electronic models for utility systems, land, road, and municipal solid waste management, end-to-end analytics, flexible control


Comprehensive solution

Solutions for industrial enterprises, management companies, and multi-location structures, with various communication combinations and a number of utility challenges



Simplified standard solutions for quick development of electronic models for heat/water supply and sewerage systems and Integrated Development Plans for communities


Как использование CityCom позволяет быстро окупить затраты на информатизацию и получить положительный экономический эффект?

CityCom(Cloud) Service

CityCom(Cloud) is a virtual computer environment with a configurable capacity, which is deployed using hardware and software resources pooled together into a network of high-end servers physically located in Russia in powerful data centers. If necessary, the cloud-based solution may be deployed using an enterprise server or a data center anywhere in the world.

The CityCom(Cloud) service is successfully used by dozens of corporate clients, including municipal administrations, heat suppliers, water service companies, design contractors who develop heat/water supply and sewerage systems, and private users who are involved in process engineering.

Some corporate customers who have appreciated the quality of the service and technical support are now switching to CityCom(Cloud), although they do have their own CityCom server licenses, which from this moment on are used as “hot standby” in case of unexpected shutdown of Internet channels.

  • CityCom(Cloud) offers financial benefits even to enterprises and design contractors facing economic problems and allows them to reach their production targets.
  • Reduced data loss risks and better information security are the key reasons why enterprises switch to cloud-based solutions.
  • CityCom(Cloud) offers the following organizational advantages to enterprises: it is convenient to use and provides full author's supervision and technical support while the customer pays only for access, thus enabling the customer to cut down on administrative costs.
  • No additional software is needed for enterprise workstations and servers.

CityCom (Cloud) pricing *

CityCom ТеплоГраф
Базовый комплекс + доступ 9 600 9 600 9 600 9 600 9 600
Гидравлика/режимы 12 300 9 300 9 300 10 300 10 300
Локализация аварий 7 400 7 400 7 400 7 400
Повреждения 8 600 8 600 8 600 8 600 8 600
Планирование ремонтов 8 900 8 900 8 900
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About Us


Founded in 1989 in Russia, POTOK EC is a developer of tailored software solutions for public utilities and support companies in the housing/utility and energy sectors.

With hundreds of projects implemented in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, and the Baltics, the company brings together the best industry expertise in urban utility infrastructure management and computerization for utility operators.

For over a quarter of a century now, POTOK EC believes in its mission to develop and commercialize tools under its own CityCom brand. Based on the most advanced information technology, these tools provide safe and comfortable environments for municipal utility system management.

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CityCom Information and Graphics System (IGS)

Industry Experience

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Feedback and Testimonials

Over the years, POTOK EC has implemented hundreds of project in Russia and neighboring countries. We worked in capital cities, small towns, and even urban-type communities.

We saw an amazing downward trend in losses: if in 2005 drinking water losses in the city's networks amounted to 25%, by 2013 we managed to bring them down to 6%. During the same period of time, the number of ruptures in the networks was reduced by more than half

CJSC Chelnyvodokanal Naberezhnye Chelny

The level of detail in an electronic model based on CityCom-TeploGraph software tools is five to seven times greater than on operation flow charts, which allows us not only to perform calculations and model conditions but also ensure accident containment and generate detailed reports and records for all facilities within the expected shutdown area


The functionality of CityCom IGS meets various user needs and the choice of functions allows users to match their demands and the budget. The developer is friendly and accessible, which makes it easier to address any issues related to system operation quickly and efficiently

OJSC Sarov Heating Network Company Sarov

Customers and Projects

There are no two similar cities, just like there are no two similar projects. No matter how routine the task seems at the kick-off, any task has its own nuances that make the project unique.

Join us and you will see that many complicated problems have an easier, more efficient, and cheaper solution than it may appear.

OJSC Nizhegorodsky Vodokanal (Nizhny Novgorod)
CJSC Chelnyvodokanal (Naberezhnye Chelny)
JSC Omsk RTS (Omsk)
Perm Network Company, OJSC T Plus (Perm)
TOO Almaty Gas Networks (Almaty, Kazakhstan)